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The Father's Tweet

(Arabelle Series #10)

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The robin is such a proud father. He does most of the material accumulation for the nest building. His mate arranges the material to make a soft bottom lining for the eggs and a comfortable sit for herself. Both feed the babies. The Father seems to do most of the chasing away of people and squirrels and any other critter that he thinks might take a notion to harm his family.

The Father's Tweet

I'm gonna be a daddy! I'm gonna be a daddy.
I'm gonna be a daddy tomorrow!


I'm gonna be a daddy! I'm gonna be a daddy!
I'll feed them worms and watch them grow.
They'll have the best care in the entire grove.
And I'll teach them everything they need to know!

Tweet! Tweet!

The sun was rising this early morning. The sky was red and Arabelle was floating nearby listening to the expectant father's recitation.

The red sky made a silhouette of Roger Robin walking back and forth on a branch.

Arabelle announced her presence.

"Arabelle! Did you hear? I'm going to be daddy tomorrow!"

"Yes, I heard you, Roger. But you know it's going to be windy and rainy today, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, when the sun comes up red in the sky it always brings inclement weather."

"Well, Roger, I'll help you find worms so you can bring enough for the newborns. That way, Rebecca can stay with your babies and cover them so they don't get wet on their first day in the world."

"But, Arabelle, the eggs won't hatch until tomorrow."

"Maybe you should fly over to Rebecca and ask her if the timing changed.

Roger Robin flew off.

Presently, he returned and again lilted into song.


I'm gonna be a daddy! I'm gonna be a daddy.
Rebecca says it's gonna happen today!

Tweet! Tweet!

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