Services for Readers (and Their Authors)

Services for Authors (and Their Readers)

For readers —
Kindle book buyers:
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52 Good-to-Know Techbits; An Essential Resource; For Website Developers (Click to buy)

Know your stuff. Read about the Techbits at Amazon. (Written by someone with decades of software programming experience.)

All 52 Techbits are yours with this Kindle book. (Read the independent review at Website 101.)

Because copying source code is difficult (as you no doubt already know), we're providing separate web pages where the source code can be copied with ease and certainty.

As a thank-you for your purchase, we want to give you a special premium, a free book, Responsive Coding Tips & Tricks.

The receipt Amazon emails to you when you purchase 52 Good-to-Know Techbits through Amazon will be your proof-of-purchase.

Responsive Coding Tips & Tricks is new, available nowhere else. It provides the basics for coding responsive web pages. There's a private login to demonstration pages so you can see how the variously-coded responsive pages work. The free Responsive Coding Tips & Tricks can be downloaded as a .mobi file for Kindle and as a PDF for most computers and mobile devices.

Click here to buy 52 Good-to-Know Techbits. The book will tell you how to get Responsive Coding Tips & Tricks for free, with our compliments.

For authors —

Author POP

(for Kindle books)

A Proof-Of-Purchase System

(Now in beta.)

Discover who your Kindle book buyers are. Keep in touch with your readers.

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With the buyer's contact information at hand, you can

and, in general, keep in touch for a strong and rewarding author-reader relationship.

Without the buyer's contact information, authors are blind to who their readers are and their readers are blind to their author. Not an ideal situation for author or buyer.

Find out more about Author POP

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When you sign up, this is what we'll do with your email address:

  1. Send you an email to let you know your notification request was received.
  2. Send you an email when Author POP is publicly available for authors.

That's all we'll do with the email address you provide here. So, make sure you get notified when Author POP is ready.

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