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Six books by Will Bontrager
a. One fiction book and four recipe books for candy derived from Amish recipes.
b. A collection of coding Techbits for website developers.
c. Tips and tricks for responsive coding (free with Techbits book purchase).
Amish Recipes: Milk Chocolate-Covered White Chocolate Truffles
Amish Recipes: Milk Chocolate-Covered White Chocolate Truffles
Amish Recipes: Milk Chocolate-Covered White Chocolate Truffles
Amish Recipes: Step-by-Step: How to Make Truffle Candy
Amish Recipes: Chocolate-Covered Candy
52 Good-to-know Techbits; An essential Resource; For Website Developers
Two books by Rachel Kirk
a. The art and history of Flamenco.
b. Keys for Spanish students.
Flamenco: A Guide for Tourists, Teachers & Students by Rachel W. Kirk   50 Keys to Spanish Paperback by Rachel W. Kirk  
One book by JoAnna Miller
A hand-written heirloom-type cookbook of Amish recipes.
Our Family's Recipes - cover   Our Family's Recipes - index


Popcorn Stories — Over 30 ultra-short stories, under 1000 words, including Amish stories, an artificial intelligence series, and stories about a whimsical and helpful spirit in a woodsy setting.

Short Stories — These are longer than popcorn stories, 4+ times as long, but still classified as short stories. Get riveted into an adventure.

Amish Recipes

Amish Recipes and Cooking — You'll find original recipes, recipes revised for modern kitchens, anecdotes about being raised Amish, and full-length stories about my experiences as an Amish child in the kitchen or otherwise related to cooking and food.


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