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Dustballs for Sale

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While talking to one of my sisters, she mentioned that if I ever figure out a way to make money with dustballs she wants to hear about it. Well, where there's a Will (Bontrager), there's a way. Or so they say. It might not be a particularly practical way, but a way nevertheless.

Dustballs for Sale

The student had been thoroughly discouraged from looking for dustballs under his and his parents' beds. And under dressers. And along the top of door casings. Anywhere in the house.

"If you bring a dustball to the lab from this house, everyone will think I don't keep up with cleaning like I should," his mother had stated, firmly putting her foot down.

Disappointed and intent on figuring out a way to bring a dustball to school, he picked up the student newspaper. There, he noticed an ad that fairly bulged his eyes.

It was exactly what he was looking for — as if the ad writer was psychic and had seen what he would need and why he would need it.

Under-bed dustballs for sale.
Mom won't let you collect dustballs for school? Because it would make her look bad? Buy them here. Small dustballs, $10 each. Guaranteed to contain mites for use in lab projects.

Quickly hurrying into the kitchen where his mom could always be found, he asked, "Mom, can I have $10 please? I need to buy something for lab."

"Sure, Son. So long as your grades stay up, we'll support you in every way we can."

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