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Tools and Games for Writers

Writer tools can also be fun, like a game. Games and fun things can be stimulating.

A stimulated writer writes.

Index of Tools and Games for Writers

Paperback Cover Image Dimensions for Amazon — For writers who prefer to create their own paperback book cover.

Wordle Hints — The Wordle hinter was created to provide hints for solving the daily Wordle game.

Plot Ideas — A game for writers intended to stimulate plot ideas.

A-Maze — Randomly generated mazes for relaxing the brain and stimulating creativity. Mazes can be from small-sized young-child easy to adult sorta-hard size.

Alien Words and Names — A tool intended to assist writers of science-fiction with the formation of suitable alien words and character/location names.

Will's Word Finder — This special app with grade-level selection was designed for writers who write for children and young adults.

Wake Up the Brain — Use the Mental Alacrity Exercise to wake up the mind. Get it nimble by responding to these simple arithmetic problems.

Please request tools and games you would use. Use the contact page. Thank you.

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