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Video Course - Coffee & Cream Chocolate Candy

A 3-video Course for Ooh-Ahh Chocolate Candy

The video course describes step-by-step how to make coffee and cream chocolate candy. Ingredients: Instant coffee, cream cheese, and chocolate. Result: Delectable
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Making and tasting coffee and cream chocolate candy is fun goodness. Really yummy.

For making, this short, one-page video course shows you how. (For tasting, lift a piece of chocolate to mouth, nibble, savor, …, repeat good smile)

What You Will Need

You will need these ingredients on hand:

  1. A half cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips, the kind you can get at most grocery stores. (Or any other solid chocolate that would be good when coffee flavored.)
  2. Instant coffee. (Less than a tablespoon is used in this recipe.)
  3. Cream cheese. (One ounce is used.)
  4. Powdered sugar. (1/4 cup is used.)

You will also need:

  1. A dinner plate or tray of sufficient size to receive the chocolate candy.
  2. Wax paper to line the plate with. (Alternatively, the plate can be thinly coated with butter or margarine.) The idea is to prevent the candy sticking to the plate while it dries.

And, you will need an oven, an oven-proof bowl, and stirring spoons.

  1. An oven that can be heated to 200°F or less to melt the chocolate. Alternatively, you can use the microwave method.
  2. An oven-proof bowl with at least 2 cups capacity (so there is sufficient room for stirring).
  3. A stirring spoon to stir the chocolate in the bowl between melting periods.

How to Do It

The videos show you how.

In essence, you mix the coffee and cream cheese at least 12 hours ahead of time. Then you melt the chocolate and stir in the coffee/cream cheese mixture.

Blend in the powdered sugar and form the result into balls or other shapes and place it on the plate to dry.

Then taste it and try not to eat it all in one sitting.

The Videos

These videos are presented in the order you would do them to end up with the yummy chocolate.

Prepare the coffee and cream cheese mixture.

(Do this at least 12 hours before the rest of the process is pursued.)

Melt the chocolate.

(You may have seen this. It is the same video that is available at the how to melt chocolate in an oven page.)

Create the chocolate candy and form it for eating.

(This is where it gets really yummy.)

You will enjoy the chocolate. That is virtually guaranteed.

I hope you also enjoy the process of making it.

If you are inclined to provide feedback, please leave a comment below. I respond to most comments.



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