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Amish Cooking: Stories, Techniques, and Recipes

Free Custom PDF Book

Instant Free Download of Custom Book With the Recipes and Stories You Want to Keep

This describes how to add recipes, stories, technique, and bonus articles to your book. When you're done adding the pages you want, you can download your custom book right away.
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Make a custom PDF book composed of your favorite Amish recipes.

Include Amish techniques, if you wish. And you can include stories about my experience being raised Amish. Or a bonus article.

A PDF book can be viewed on your phone, your tablet, and your computer. It can also be printed.

How to Get Your Custom Book

When you are viewing a recipe, story, technique, or bonus article that may be included in your custom book, you'll see a menu that looks like this.

Custom PDF link area image

To add the page to your custom book, tap "ADD page".

Do that for every recipe, story, technique, or bonus you want included in your custom book.

To find pages that interest you, go to the index of all the Amish recipes and articles. Tap an interesting title. When you get there, tap "ADD page" to add it to your custom book.

When you are all done adding pages to your custom book, tap the menu's "Download" link.

The download link is designed to create your custom book and then download it to the device or computer you are using.



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