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You may go ahead and start tapping on the A‑Maze below. Or tap a "[?]" link for instructions.

Every A‑Maze maze is randomly generated. Tap on maze to play. Or tap a tab for instructions.

Playing [?]
Field Size [?]

Specify A‑Maze playing field size —

Steps wide:
Steps high:


The A‑Maze tool is intended to be both (i) fun and (ii) a way to relax the brain and let it be more creative.

A‑Maze was made for authors. Non-authors (even your kids or grandkids) may find it entertaining, too.

It is intended to be a distraction from the current plot or whatever is being so intensely focused on — sufficient distraction to let the brain subconsciously cogitate new ways of looking at the plot or project. In other words, A‑Maze may expand awareness of potential solutions.

It is designed to encourage you to see the entire maze solution before action is taken to prove the solution.

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