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Will's Word Finder

This thesaurus-like app with grade-level selection was designed primarily for writers who write for children and young adults. Yet, it also works well for other writers (use the "no limits" selection).

If you have questions, information is below the app.

Will Bontrager's
Word Finder
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Information for Using the Word Finder App

Word/Phrase List selection:

The app's results may be affected by selecting a certain elementary and high school grade level. Only words/phrases on the selected list are published as results. To omit such filtering, select "No limits".

"word or phrase" text field:

Type the word or phrase to use for searching.

 Related,  Synonyms, etc choices:

The Related choice results in words and phrases somehow related to the search (which includes synonyms). The Synonyms choice provides only synonyms. The Rhymes choice results in rhyming words and phrases.

The results area below the button:

The results may include both words and phrases. If Related was chosen for results, any synonyms are included and marked as such.

The results include parts of speech (adjective, adverb, noun, verb) when known. The results also state the number of syllables the word or phrase has.

Tapping on the word or phrase produces definitions, if any are known.

The popularity number in the results is an approximate average number of times the word is used per million words of published text.

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