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AI-Generated Images for Book Illustrations

Removing Imperfections

When an image has an imperfection, you might be able to remove it.

The image used for the example is an AI-generated image, not one I plan to use in my books but an image with an obvious imperfection. Electronic images that are not AI-generated can be processed, too.

Here is the example. (It was generated with "home made chocolate" as the prompt text.)

There is pseudo text at the lower-right of the image. That will be removed.

For this job, I'll use the DiffusionBee software on my computer. It will re-paint the area where the pseudo text is at so it looks like the current background.

The process is called "inpainting".

With DiffusionBee, the part of the image to inpaint is marked with a somewhat-transluscent pink color. These two images show the area where the pink was applied.

The software needs a prompt to describe what the pinked-out area will be replaced with. I specified "background" and here is the result.

DiffusionBee did a good job.

Because you know where to look and what to look for, you may be able to see a slight difference in the background where it replaced the text. But a casual viewer is highly unlikely to notice it.

Inpainting is a nice feature for removing imperfections from images to use in my books. And, well, it is fun to do.

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