Will Bontrager
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Lamenting Alone (And Not)
Will Bontrager

You know something nobody else does. Although nobody knows what it is. A white will never fully know a black. A straight will never fully know a gay. A male will never fully know a female. The night will never fully know the day. ... because each can fully know only itself. One person lives a life of smiles, but has some hours and days feeling distressed, depressed, and empty. Another one lives a life of distress, yet has some hours and days feeling content, fortunate, and full of smiles. They meet. And talk. And experience. And love. Similarities in each other enhance understanding. Yet they never know each other in the full. I lament alone. You lament alone. Help. The essence of you. The essence of me. Our essences overlap, and joyfully mix. Mixing essence brings mutual understanding. We can share. And love. And understand. And enjoy. No longer are we alone in our subjective world and wondering about the other. We cherish the third entity composed of the essences we mixed and named as "Us". When essences are overlapped and mixed... A black and a white can know each other. A gay and a straight can know each other. A female and a male can know each other. The day and the night can know each other. That which is overlapped can be fully known. You can understand me. I can understand you.


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