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AmishRecipes: Chocolate-Covered Candy

— New Book —

These various-flavored chocolate-coated candy recipes are all based on my Mom's peanut butter cups recipe.

Amish Recipes: Chocolate Covered Candy by Will Bontrager
(Written on Christmas Day) Every one I have tried definitely gave me a transcendental gustatory experience.
Mark Hoyer

This book is about candy — Amish-recipe chocolate-covered candy.

It is relatively easy to make Amish-recipe candy that gets you high praise.

I (the author of this book) was born and raised Amish. And I share these recipes with you.

The recipes are based on my mom's Peanut Butter Cups recipe (included in the book). They are clearly written, for modern kitchens — each recipe tested, tasted, and tweaked to be as perfect as possible and yet easy to make.

The recipes in this book come with stories.

Even before the recipes, you'll find a story about a little Amish boy (me) and his adventure eating as much candy as he possibly could, with his Mom's permission.

Here is a list of the candy centers for the chocolate-covered candy recipes in this book.

● Crunchy peanut butter candy center (for people who like peanut butter, the crunchy kind). chocolate-covered creamy peanut butter candy

● Creamy peanut butter candy center (for people who prefer creamy peanut butter candy). chocolate-covered creamy peanut butter candy

● Cinnamon candy center (for cinnamon lovers). chocolate-covered cinnamon candy

● Chocolate candy center (yes, chocolate-covered chocolate candy). chocolate-covered chocolate candy

● Mexican seasoning candy center (for people who like sweet and savory). chocolate-covered Mexican seasoning candy

In addition to Mom's Peanut Butter Cups recipe and the chocolate-covered candy recipes, there is a bonus.

The bonus is a new recipe for easy-to-make cinnamon-flavored chocolate candy. It is not a filled candy, but cinnamon-flavored chocolate. The chocolate has a subtle cinnamon flavor that makes a person smile.

Linda DeFore shared this with her Cascades of Thought newsletter audience:

Many of you know Will Bontrager. Will has written a lovely book containing the Amish recipes used by his mother to make chocolate candy. He also includes some neat childhood stories and all the "how-tos" needed to make the BEST candies. It is all so simple, I may become the neighborhood candy maker!

Her business is the Chamber of Commerce on the Web

All the recipes are as easy to follow as I could make them.

There is no cooking to make the candy centers. Mix the ingredients, cover the candy with melted chocolate, and let them dry.

Then, share the joy of your Amish recipe chocolate-covered candy with the people you love.

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