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Will Bontrager, Author

EVO: Your Heritage; Your Destiny

EVO: Your Heritage; Your Destiny, by Will Bontrager

The human race is splitting. Again.

250,000,000 years ago. That is where the stories in this book begin.

And a look into the future is where the stories end. (See the introduction for a clue. All retailers of this book make the front section freely available for your reading pleasure.)

The stories are about our ancient ancestors. And us.

Most stories relate to the unthinkably long evolutionary trek through millions of years. And some address what is happening to our present civilization.

Evo, the fictional entity, was there from the beginning, and still is, tweaking our evolvement now and then. But the entity wants to assign the responsibility to some of us.

Evo, the book, has information and stories based on archaeological finds and imagination.

This book is about your heritage. And your destiny.

Modern-day humans (you, your family, your friends) did not evolve from apes.

Be that as it may, realize this, you and apes both have the same remote mother.

Evo stories spring from archaeological findings. The stories begin way back in time. They end on the day you open the book to read it.

The Evo entity will tell you stories about the early days as our ancestors evolved.

They evolved through a horrendously huge amount of time. You are here because of their luck, decisions, and persistence.

The stories are written and organized with the intent to help you realize more about your heritage.

And about your destiny, a destiny pertaining to the current seemingly mindless political and cultural divisions — and total splits. It is a destiny resulting from your choice to either evolve or devolve.

The word "evo" stands for evolution and "devo" stands for devolution. Part of humanity continues evolving. Part of humanity is devolving. There is tension.

Evo was there. Evo is here, now. Let's see what decisions you make from the stories.

Pick up the book and read about:

Read. Find out. Discover lots more.

In essence, evolution is change. It has no intelligence and no consciousness — it is not an entity. Evolution is mindless.

Environmental changes, or changes in survival requirements, precipitate devolution. Aspects of biological entities atrophy when no longer needed or used.

Evo talks about that.

Stories about your ancient biological history are in this book. The stories begin before your ancient ancestral family split.

And, the book alludes to your future.

As mentioned, there is another family split in progress. It is well along. People are aligning themselves with one side of the split or the other — even while they don't know the consequences.

Evo describes a way to make it more likely that you and your descendents will, in fact, end up with the side you prefer.

Let the book be a treat for you — for your understanding and for your entertainment.

And for your destiny.

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