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White Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Bakers Cocoa Cookies

(It may be impossible to eat this cookie without smiling.)

1 cup of chopped or chipped white chocolate, melted

1 ounce cream cheese, softened

1/2 cup bakers cocoa

Note: Manufacturers provide various qualities of white chocolate. Each seems to have their own manufacturing process and recipes. Thus, the ingredient measurements may need to be adjusted for your white chocolate after you see how the cookie comes out with your first try.

Blend the melted white chocolate and softened cream cheese.

Add a couple tablespoons of the bakers cocoa. Thoroughly stir it into the mixture.

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Add about a third of a cup of the cocoa. Thoroughly stir this into the mixture, too.

Now, stir in another quarter cup or so of the cocoa. Mix it well. Stir until the cocoa is well distributed.

By this time, the cookie dough is stiffening up well.

It will take a strong spoon to blend the last of the cocoa into the mixture.

Once well blended, the mixture may still be quite sticky. How sticky depends on the type of white chocolate that was used.

If it is too sticky to handle easily, let it stand for a while. Then give it another stir and see if you can work with it now.

It is okay for the dough to be somewhat sticky, so long as it is not too sticky to handle.

Put wax paper on two dinner plates. Form balls from the dough and place on the dinner plates. You'll end up with probably around 10 dough balls.

When the balls are resting on the wax paper-lined dinner plates, clean your hands or remove food gloves with food particles on them. Clean gloves may be put on.

Get a piece of wax paper, perhaps 3−4 inches on each side.

With one dough ball at a time: Place the wax paper lightly on the ball. Place a spatula, the lid of a jar, or another flat object on the wax paper and smush the ball down until is is about 1/4 to 3/8 inch thick.

When all of the dough balls have been pressed into cookie shapes, place the plates into a cool area. They may be covered with light paper towels to keep them from getting dusty.

After 3-6 hours, or overnight, the cookies should be perfect for eating. (The time it takes depends much on the ambient temperature and the type of white chocolate that was used.)

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