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MEME: 640x512
wabi-sabi   Recognizing and appreciating beauty in imperfections and natural change, throughout the cycle of growth and decay.
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MEME: 1536x1024
New Evolution
Following is my interpretation of what is happening, with all the evidence that it is possible to have.[...]
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MEME: 1532x1020
Truth does not need defending.
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MEME: 768x512
Today WILL be a good day.
Because you and I are in it.
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MEME: 1544x1032
Those you are not allowed to criticize are the ones who rule over you. (Various attributions)
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MEME: 1918x1380
Religion is mental, not physical.
1918x1380(jpg) 1918x1380(png)
MEME: 772x518
Alive at the water in the desert
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MEME: 718x479
Facts do not need defending.
Facts are unaffected by beliefs, thoughts, talk, or "must be" considerations. They just are.
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MEME: 1548x1034
With 300,000 years of evolution, you would think the human race could have invented an easy way to fold fitted sheets.
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MEME: 1546x1032
Twinkle star
From afar
Smiles on me
So kindly
1546x1032(jpg) 1546x1032(png)
MEME: 1546x1034
The only perfect people are those who are loved.[...]
1546x1034(jpg) 1546x1034(png)
MEME: 768x512
The world is changed by your example, not your opinion. — Paul Coelho
768x512(jpg) 1536x1024(png)
MEME: 776x628
The Value of Authentic Creativity
Authentic creativity, here, means works of art, design, music, videos, and writing that are the result of innate human creativity.[...]
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MEME: 640x512
The old man smiled and said:[...]
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MEME: 548x512
When artists create, they imagine someone will appreciate their art — listen to the music, read the writing, feel the painting.[...]
548x512(jpg) 1280x1196(jpg) 1280x1196(png)
MEME: 512x640
Sad Horned Elf
512x640(jpg) 1024x1280(jpg) 1024x1280(png)
MEME: 1918x1920
This day is going to be different. Like normal.
1918x1920(jpg) 1918x1920(png)
MEME: 1552x1036
Your Church May Be Full of Atheists
Known atheists are treated pretty badly. Family looks askance at them, or even completely disowns them.[...]
1552x1036(jpg) 1552x1036(png)
MEME: 1928x1930
The Doobie Effect
Things are going way too well.[...]
1928x1930(jpg) 1928x1930(png)
MEME: 1536x1024
New-rise evolution: Observe objective reality directly to adjust the subjective.
Dead-end evolution: Assume subjective reality is identical to objective reality.
1536x1024(jpg) 1536x1024(png)
MEME: 1536x1024
Miracle Label Remover
(remove label and glue from jars)[...]
1536x1024(jpg) 1536x1024(png)
MEME: 773x516
Just because some people think certain behavor is wrong, doesn't make it so.
773x516(jpg) 1546x1032(jpg) 1546x1032(png)
MEME: 768x512
Music is what feelings sound like — Unknown
768x512(jpg) 1536x1024(jpg) 1536x1024(png)
MEME: 768x512
What They Do Describes the Who
When they declare the self
While showing something else,
What they do describes the who.
768x512(jpg) 1536x1024(png)
MEME: 768x512
It wasn't until they invented the railroad that people started to get sidetracked.
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